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Book:Tales from Shakespeare:2007:[New ed.]
Author: Lamb, Charles
Author: Lamb, Mary
Author: Shakespeare, William
Year 2007
Description: Bibliography: p. xxix-xxx These tales form an introduction to Shakespeare's greatest plays. They aim to bring alive the power of 'Hamlet' and 'Othello', the fun of 'As You Like It' and the drama of 'Pericles' and convey Shakepeare's wit, wisdom and humanity, without losing the feel of his language.
Book:Silent Weapon:2018
Author: McNab, Andy
Year 2018
Description: Originally published: London: Doubleday, 2017 A high-speed chase through the backstreets of Lagos and an unexpected bomb explosion in the jungle - it's all in a day's work for soldier Sean Harker. Looking forward to a well-earned break back home, Sean and his platoon fly back to the UK, only to find themselves fighting their way out of an airport hostage situation, and the country on high terrorist alert. Barely escaping with his life, Sean must now embark on a dangerous mission: to locate a deadly weapon, capable of destruction on a massive scale - a weapon no one will see coming. Teenage / Young Adult
Book:Hunting Evil, how the Nazi war criminals escaped and the hunt to bring them to justice:2010
Author: Walters, Guy
Year 2010
Description: Originally published: 2009 Includes bibliographical references and index At the end of World War II some of the highest ranking members of the Nazi party escaped from justice. Some of them are names that have resonated deeply in 20th century history. Guy Walters has travelled the world in pursuit of the real account of how the Nazis escaped at the end of the war. Originally published: 2009
Book:Dreaming the Eagle, (Boudica):2004
Author: Scott, Manda
Year 2004
Description: Originally published: 2003 Bibliography: p. 703 This is the story of Boudica: the last defender of Celtic culture, the only woman openly to have led her warriors into battle, the only British warrior to stand against Imperial Rome and triumph. But it is also the story of the two men she loved most: the warrior Caradoc and her half-brother Ban. Originally published: 2003
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