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Paperback:The Archipelago of Another Life:2019
Author: Makine, Andrei
Author: Strachan, Geoffrey
Year 2019
Description: On the far eastern borders of the Soviet Union, in the sunset of Stalin's reign, soldiers are training for a war that could end all wars, for in the atomic age man has sown the seeds of his own destruction. Among them is Pavel Gartsev, a reservist. Orphaned, scarred by the last great war and unlucky in love, he is an instant victim for the apparatchiks and ambitious careerists who thrive within the Red Army's ranks. Assigned to a search party composed of regulars and reservists, charged with the recapture of an escaped prisoner from a nearby gulag, Gartsev finds himself one of an unlikely quintet of cynics, sadists and heroes, embarked on a challenging manhunt through the Siberian taiga. But the fugitive, capable, cunning and evidently at home in the depths of these vast forests, proves no easy prey. Translated from the French by Geoffrey Strachan
Author: Bower, Richard C.
Year 2018
Description: In this debut collection, Bower captures the atmosphere of ‘eternal recurrence’ and announces himself through 55 micronarratives which are romantic, classic, traditional and timeless. The order of this book is chronological, thereby giving the reader an insight into his personal journey.
DVD:What Men Want:2019
Year 2019
Description: Region 2,4,5, 1 disc(s), Interactive menus, Languages (English), Other languages French, German, Subtitles (Dutch, French - Parisian, German, Greek, Hindi, Romanian, French - Parisian (Forced), German (Forced)), Subtitles for hard of hearing (English), Audio description, Bonus footage, Outtakes, Deleted scenes Made in 2019 Romantic comedy starring Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Morgan. Despite being successful at her job as a sports agent Ali Davis (Henson) is constantly being undermined by her male colleagues and never considered for a promotion. However, after visiting a psychic Ali obtains the ability to hear men's thoughts and she suddenly finds herself with a major advantage over her male counterparts. Certificate 15
DVD:Alita, Battle Angel:2019
Year 2019
Description: Extras to be confirmed, Region 2, 1 disc(s), Interactive menus, Languages (English) Made in 2019 Robert Rodriguez directs this action adventure co-written and produced by James Cameron. Set hundreds of years in the future following a worldwide disaster, the core of the unconscious cyborg Alita (Rosa Salazar) is discovered lying in a scrapyard within Iron City by a cyborg doctor named Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz). Once Alita is repaired and rebooted, she is unable to recall her past life and the events of what led to her being destroyed. As Alita begins to explore Iron City, she utilises her astonishing fighting skills to help hunt down criminals and competes in deadly games. However, soon Alita begins to remember her previous life and when challenged by adversaries starts to realise her true purpose. Certificate 12
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Author: Harris, Robert
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