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Paperback:The comfort of others:2016 The comfort of others
Author: Langdale, Kay
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Media Paperback
Classification: F
Publisher: Hodder, 2016
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 1473618428 9781473618428
Minnie has lived in the beautiful but dilapidated old mansion house Rosemount for as long as she can remember. But now she finds herself looking back over the last 70 years to a life that has been shrouded with sorrow, and a painful secret that she has guarded since her teens. Eleven-year-old Max, who lives opposite Minnie on the housing estate bui
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A beautiful, lovely book demonstrating the wonderful links between the very young and the old. Max pours his heart out into a dictaphone having been told by a visiting author that there is a writer in everyone " Mrs Winters didn't look convinced. She's been trying to get Johnny Parsons to write a full sentence for most of year 6". Minnie pours her heart and soul into a diary detailing an event when she was very young that had a profound effect on her. Ghastly and horrific it altered her whole life. The two become unlikely friends from across the street helping one another to overcome their troubles, traumas and worries. Beautifully written,Max is a gem, funny, wise with an old head on young shoulders. Minnie we feel for as to what might have been. This has everything, joy, laughter, sadness, highly recommended.
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